Loving Vincent​ X Van Gogh

Loving Vincent, the first ‘painted’ movie! The full movie will soon be shown at the Van Gogh Museum during Vincent op Vrijdag.

60 years for Caprice des Dieux !

Caprice des Dieux blew its 60 candles and AGD MAG was there! On this occasion, the brand reinvents its blue box. The oval cheese called on 24 artists forming 12 duos and it gives 60 unpublis...

Mézesmanna Cake

Chief Mézesmanna Transforms ordinary biscuits in work of art! [gallery ids="1060,1061,1062,1063,1064,1065,1066,1067,1068,1...

This is not a banana !

The laugh of the day : Banana in all its forms !

The banana ? "SO 2015," you say ? Well no ! Like its more p...

Clip of the Comics with Chvrches

Chvrches unveils his new video of great beauty. Thanks to Kieron Gillen and  0

Nuit étoilée Van Gogh – painting on water

You'll find Garip, a Turkish artist who masters the art of EBRU ! Make the dream ; his version of the "Starry Night" by Van Gogh will move you ! You'll lo...

How to take a penalty?

Martin Laksman (for the illustration) and Rich Hinchcliffe (for the animations) teach us how take a good penalty in a few gifs Hoping that France learn from it to win the semi-final against Germany.

An artist that glue !

Tim Bengel is a young German artist who masters the glue as a person! Gesture that accompanies the artistic process is as ...

The optical illusion fits in the hand

Lisha Simpson offers us these beautiful illustrations optical illusion mode, all painted on his hands.

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